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Below the BPA's press office has posted answers to some commonly asked questions. If you cannot see the answer to the question you are looking for, please visit the general Frequently Asked Questions area of the website here.

If you still cannot find the answer to your question, please email the press office:

  • What is the difference between the BPA and ParalympicsGB?
  • The British Paralympic Association is the National Paralympic Committee. Every two years, for the Paralympic Summer and Winter Games, the BPA selects the very best athletes to compete in the team representing Great Britain and Northern Ireland. The team is known as ParalympicsGB. For more information about the BPA, see the About Us page or click here.
  • How is ParalympicsGB selected?
  • The British Paralympic Association selects only the very best athletes in each sport to represent ParalympicsGB. Each athlete or team must fulfil several criteria in order to be nominated by their sport to the BPA. The BPA then ratifies each nomination and selects each athlete. Only once this process has been fulfilled can an athlete be announced as selected for ParalympicsGB.
  •  When are the ParalympicsGB selection announcements?
  • The ParalympicsGB team announcements take place on a sport-by-sport basis from approximately a year out from the Games, with the last team announcement often only a few weeks before the start of the Games. Please visit our News section here for all the latest news, including team announcements.
  •  Where can I get hold of footage of the Paralympic Games?
  • The BPA does not own the rights to any footage of the Paralympic Games. Please contact the International Paralympic Committee to request any footage of the Games. If you would like footage of any of the Channel 4 programming, such as Inside Incredible Athletes or That Paralympic Show, please contact Channel 4.
  • Where can I get hold of rights-free images?
  • The press office has access to rights-free head-and-shoulder images of all athletes who represented ParalympicsGB in Beijing and London, and also has access to a selection of action images from London. For Sochi and for Rio, we are working with Getty Images and you will find a large selection of images in their library. If you would like more information, please contact the press office via
  • There is a photo on your website. Can I use that image?
  • Not necessarily. We have a contract with Getty which means that we can use Getty images for our website and BPA publications. If you see an image you would like to use, you will need to contact Getty Images for permission before using it.
  • How do I contact an athlete to arrange an interview?
  • Journalists can request to interview an athlete by contacting the press office. We recommend emailing us via
  • The BPA has a close relationship with Battle Back. How many injured servicemen and women  participated in 2012?
  • The British team for London 2012 included six athletes who came through the Battle Back programme.
    These are:
    Nick Beighton (Rowing)
    Sam Bowen (Sitting Volleyball)
    Jon-Allan Butterworth (Cycling)
    Derek Derenelagi (Athletics)
    Netra Rana (Sitting Volleyball)
    In addition, Charlie Walker in Sitting Volleyball came through Battle Back but was not injured on active srvice.
    Two athletes have services backgrounds but did not come through Battle Back. These are:
    Jamie Burdekin (Wheelchair Tennis)
    John Robertson (Sailing).
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