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GB Sledge battle hard against Sweden

Nathan Stephens Turin 2006

on 22-10-2013 22:00

The GB Sledge Hockey team took to the ice against Sweden in the second game of the Paralympic qualification tournament.

In a tight game, that wasn’t reflected by the result, it was eventually Sweden who emerged victorious, winning by a 7 goal margin. Last time the two sides met at the 2011 European championships GB were on the end of a 22-0 beating.

The games saw periods of outstanding play with netminder Bryan Hackworth making a number of fantastic saves with Stephen Thomas named as GB man of the match.

Interestingly the game was stopped whilst both Swedish and British players were required to skate around in circles trying to disperse the fog that appeared which made play impossible.

"We worked hard and we need to keep doing so”Andy Linton

Andy Linton, Head Coach for GB Sledge Hockey, said:
“We have been given a lesson in what skills are needed to compete at a high level. We worked hard and we need to keep doing so”

"The score didn’t reflect the hard work and passion showed by the guys”.Mark Briggs

GB defender Mark Briggs said:
“Sweden provided a tough, physical challenge. Our improvements really did show in the first two periods and the score didn’t reflect the hard work and passion showed by the guys”.

GB will now play Japan at 12:30pm tomorrow afternoon. The winner will keep alive hopes of progressing to the Winter Paralympic games to be held in Sochi, Russia next March.

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