Nordic Skiing

Nordic Skiing

Nordic Skiing Turin 2006

Nordic Skiing consists of two disciplines, Cross-Country Skiing and Biathlon. Britain did not have any athletes competing in Nordic Skiing in Sochi.

Nordic Skiing events in 2010 were dominated by the traditionally strong nations of the Ukraine and the Russian Federation.

In Biathlon, the Russian Federation topped the medal table with a total of 16 medals, five of them gold. The Ukraine finished 2nd overall and Germany 3rd.

In Cross-Country, the Russian Federation again topped the table with 22 medals, followed by the host nation Canada in 2nd and Germany in 3rd. All three of the Canadian gold medals were won by home favourite Brian McKeevor.

  • First year at a Paralympic Games:
  • Ornskoldsvik 1976 (Cross-Country)
    Innsbruck 1988 (Biathlon)
  • Brief history:
  • Cross-Country Skiing first appeared at the Ornskoldsvik 1976 Paralympic Winter Games. Biathlon for athletes with a physical impairment was introduced at the Innsbruck 1988 Paralympic Games. Athletes with a visual impairment were added into the Biathlon programme in 1992.
  • Eligible impairment groups:
  • Open to athletes with physical or visual impairments
  • Vancouver medal table - Cross-Country:
  • 1 - Russia (seven gold, nine silver, six bronze)
    2 - Canada (three gold, one silver, one bronze)
    3 - Germany (three gold, one silver)
  • Vancouver medal table - Biathlon:
  • 1 - Russia (five gold, seven silver, four bronze)
    2 - Ukraine (three gold, three silver, four bronze)
    3 - Germany (three gold, two bronze)
  • Did you know:
  • Athletes with visual impairments are assisted by acoustic signals which, depending on signal intensity, indicate when the athlete is on target


Both Nordic Skiing disciplines are open to men and women. Cross-Country skiers can compete in Individual or Team, Classical or Freestyle events ranging from 2.5km and 20km in distance. Skiers with visual impairments compete with a guide, while athletes with a physical impairment compete using either a sit-ski or standing using one or two skis and/or poles.

Biathlon combines Cross-Country Skiing and Target Shooting. Athletes compete in one of three categories: sitting, standing and visually-impaired. Athletes ski three 2.5km legs (7.5km in total) and fire at five targets (located 10m from the shooter) between each leg using air guns that are mounted on stands.


Athletes with physical or visual impairments are eligible to compete in Nordic Skiing at the Paralympic Games.



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